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Trailer Hub or Hub Drum Packing and Installation Procedure

Hub and Hub Drum Packing Procedure


For Spindle Lube Axles:

  • It is not necessary to pre-grease (pre-pack) your bearings and hub drums.  With the SPINDLE-LUBE axle, the bearings can be installed dry because the SPINDLE– LUBE axle contains a built-in hub packing tool in each spindle.  You can properly pack and grease your hub or hub drums after they have been installed on the axle.


For Plain (Non Spindle Lube Axles)

  • When installing bearings in a hub or hub drum for a “plain” spindle axle, it is necessary to pre-pack the bearings prior to installing them in the hub.  To pre-pack your bearings you can buy a bearing packer at your local auto parts store, or you can pre-grease your bearings using the grease in the palm method.

  • The standard bearing packing tool contains two convex shaped plates attached to a threaded rod with a grease zerk fitting on the end of the threaded rod.  With the bearings in place in the packing tool, you pump grease into the zerk fitting forcing grease through the rollers of the bearing.  This bearing is now ready for installation into the hub.

  • With the grease in palm method you put grease in the palm of one hand and then with the other hand, you methodically roll and rotate the bearing into the grease, carefully forcing grease through all the rollers.

  • Once you have pre-packed both the inner and outer bearings, carefully lay them on a totally clean surface.  Dirt in the greased bearings and races can drastically shorten bearing life.

  • Next lay the hub or hub drum face down on a table and fill the rear of the hub cavity with liberal amounts of grease, carefully coating the rear race surface.  Now install the inner bearing (bearing next to seal) into the rear of the hub, matching the cone of the bearing to the race. (DO NOT INSTALL BACKWARDS)

  • Now, with the pre-greased inner bearing sitting in the hub, add more grease to the top of the rear bearing.  There will be a space of about 1/4’’ between the inner bearing and the seal.  It is essential that this cavity is filled.

  • Now set the double lip seal squarely atop the rear hub bore.  Set a wood block on top of the seal and tap with a hammer until the seal is flush with the rear of the hub.

  • This completes the rear bearing and seal installation.  At this point turn the hub over on the table, being careful not to get dirt into the grease at the rear of the hub.  Now pack liberal amounts of grease into the inner hub cavity.  

  • You are now ready to slide the hub onto the spindle.  Clean the spindle with a rag (The inner surface of the bearing and spindle shaft are machined to close tolerances.  If the spindle is marred, unclean, or if the rear bearing is not square with the spindle shaft, the bearings may temporarily hang up as you slide the hub in place).  Once the hub is fully on the spindle, slide the outer bearing onto the spindle and into the hub (DO NOTINSTALL BACKWARDS)

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