Sales and shipping offices will be closed through July 8th.  

Trailer Repair

 CT can still provide all your necessary trailer parts through our online website, but we will discontinue trailer repair. 

If you are in Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and need your trailer repaired then check out Mr. Shane at Champion Mobile Trailer Repair.
If you have had your trailer repaired at Champion since 2005 then odds are Mr. Shane helped to complete that repair. Not only is this a great company with tons of experience, but they are also mobile!
Champion Mobile Trailer Repair can come directly to you and stop you from hauling that broken or messed up trailer around for a quote.

Boat trailer or utility trailer,  this wonderful trailer repair company can get you handled. Don’t go for the cheap option, go for the experienced and knowledgeable option which is Champion Mobile Trailer Repair.
They can work on Loadmaster, Starline, Magic Tilt, Magic Trail, EZ Loader, Champion, Ranger, Tracker, Venture, Float On, Big Tex, Carry On, AmeraTrail, Dilly, PJ Trailers, Shoreline, and many more trailer brands!
Champion Mobile Trailer Repair Services:

Axle Replacement
Boat Adjustments
Brakes (Hydraulic & Electric)
Bearing Replacement or Repack
Bunk Board Replacement
Hub Install
Spring to Torsion 
Tongue Weight Measurements

Replacement trailer parts for your boat or utility trailer.  We offer a variety of trailer parts such as axles, springs, hubs, lights, jacks, and more!  Don't forget our custom built galvanized boat trailer axles for an exact fit to your trailer.  

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