Reverse Solenoid - Back Flow Bleed Style (Tie Down # 11253R)

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Reversing Solenoid - Back Flow, Bleed, or Kip Valve Style

Champion Trailers does not recommend the use of a manual lock out pin for safety reasons. This solenoid is typically used in areas that are hilly in terrain and when a trailer will need to be backed up a sharp incline. Traveling in hilly terrain and backing up inclines puts a steady pressure on the coupler and will increase the pressure on the solenoid.

A kip valve or bleed valve allows the fluid to be dumped back into the master cylinder which will release the pressure that is exerted on the solenoid.

When using a bleed type solenoid valve, if the master cylinder is not equipped with a return port machined into it, it will be necessary to drill and tap an 1/8” NPT return port hole in the lower half of the master cylinder reservoir.

Be sure to keep metal shavings out of the master cylinder upon completion of the machining operation.

The 12 volt solenoid valve connects to the tow vehicles back up light circuit for   automatic brake lockout. The solenoid can be wired independently or adapted to trailer   wire harness with a 5-flat plug on trailer and tow vehicle.

Thread size on the solenoid is 3/16” IF x 1/8” MP

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