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Brake Coupler And Brake Tubing Installation


    1. At this point, remove your idler coupler from your 3" wide trailer tongue box tube and bolt the brake coupler in its place. In the trailer tongue, 4" or 5" behind the master cylinder, drill a 5/8" hole in the top of the tongue. Route the main 16' piece of stainless tubing inside the trailer tongue and thru this hole.brake coupler (NOTE: For ease of working, while fishing the tubing thru this hole, you may wish to unbolt and remove the brake coupler). Now route the remaining tubing down one side of the trailer frame, to a point near the brake axle. Secure the main line tubing with the 3/16" 1-hole straps and bolts provided.

      brake line connectionNOTE: The 16' main tubing line supplied with 6054 BRAKE KIT will fit most applications for boats from 18' to 20'. However, if you have a longer boat and trailer, or you have special routing requirements, you may need a longer main tubing line. To accomplish this, you can order the brass coupler nut, Part # 0517 and one of the shorter pieces of tubing (1' thru 6.5') to add to your total main tube line length NEVER CUT THE STAINLESS BRAKE LINE TUBING!! It cannot be field flared, and comply with the required double flare needed for D.O.T. approved, automotive braking systems. Use only factory completed pieces.


    1. In the rear of the brake coupler master cylinder, you will find a brass orifice adapter fitting, which connects from the threads in the master cylinder to the 3/16" inverted flare connection required for the trailer brake system. You should wrap the male threads of this brass adapter with Teflon tape (not provided with this kit) and reinstall into the rear of the master cylinder. DO NOT WRAP TEFLON TAPE ON ANY OTHER THREADS OF ANY OTHER CONNECTIONS !! Tighten to about 3 ft pounds. Next, install the main line brake tubing to the brass adapter fitting. Tighten all inverted flare brass tubing nut connections to about 3 ft pounds of torque. The brass tubing nuts require a 3/8" open end or flare nut wrench.


    1. Now go to the brake axle end of the main line tubing. Install the brass brake tee Part # 0516 to the male side of the Part # 0520 13" male/female brake hose and tighten to about 5 ft pounds (no Teflon tape). Mount the angle bracket from Part # 3118 (brake hose mounting bracket) to the trailer frame with the stainless screws provided. Insert the female part of the 13" M/F brake hose thru the angle mounting bracket and secure with the spring snap clip. Now connect the main line brake tubing from the brake coupler to the female connection on the 13" M/F brake hose.


  1. The brass brake tee should now hang down near the brake axle. Now bend and route the short 12" brake tube piece from the wheel cylinder connection on the near side brake cluster to the brass tee on the axle. Next route and install the 6' tubing piece down the length of the AXLE AND connect the other brake cluster wheel cylinder to the opposite side of the brake tee. After tightening all connections use the 14" black nylon tyraps to secure the brake tubing to the axle. YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE BRAKE TUBING INSTALLATION!