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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trailer Leaf Springs

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trailer Leaf Springs

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Trailer Springs

Trailer springs are essential part of trailer suspension and as we all know you cannot go anywhere without your springs. Unfortunately, many of us do not pay attention to our springs and years can go by before we think of them. Usually, this thinking occurs when you are sitting on the side of the road or boat launch waiting on that expensive tow truck that is heading your way! And the worst thing about it? It can be avoided and all it takes is knowing what to look for before leaving on your fishing trip. A good trailer spring makes a happy fisherman and boater! Any of these problems and issues we will cover can occur on Double Eye Springs, C-Hook (reverse curl) Springs, and Slipper Springs at any time. These types of leaf springs can be found on boat trailers, utility trailers, and enclosed trailer so make sure you check every trailer you may have to avoid suspension issues in the future.  

The reason we see so many issues with springs at Champion is that trailer springs are not usually a trailer part that wears or breaks easily unless it is over loaded, rusted badly, or just old. For this reason many people overlook the springs during yearly maintenance checks. Champion Trailers takes trailer repair and maintenance very seriously as damage or failure of your leaf springs can cause tire and axle damage or complete failure of the trailer suspension. To help our customers stay safe on the road we will go over what to look for before hitting the water this year. 

 Trailer springs should always be inspected for cracks and breakage to avoid failure of the trailer spring. Cracks typically appear near the philister bolt and near the eye of the bolt that connects your spring to your hanger. Anytime you see a crack or break in the spring it is time to replace them. When a trailer spring fails you can receive significant damage to your trailer and boat such as complete suspension failure, cracks in the frame, tire or hub damage, and trailer axle damage.

Cracked Trailer Spring
The Cracked Trailer Spring

When inspecting your trailer springs you also want to make certain that you do not see daylight between leafs of the spring. This is caused from the spring fatiguing over time due to weight and use. When springs fatigue they cannot support the weight as needed. A fatigued spring will flatten out quicker and may possibly break. Tired springs are not safe springs! 

Trailer Leaf Spring Separation
The Separated Trailer Spring

Another thing to keep an eye on is the amount of rust on your springs. The type of rust you need to be worried about is chunks of rust coming off the springs or large amounts of rust that would not be considered surface rust. Rust compromises the strength and load capacity of the spring as it begins to take over the strong steel and turn it into weak layered rust. 

A Rusted Trailer Spring
The Rusted Trailer Spring

Don’t let a bad and ugly trailer spring cause you to have a bad boating or fishing trip this year. Champion Trailers offers FREE repair estimates on broken and damaged trailers as well as yearly maintenance inspections. Don't forget to buy all your spring bolts, spring hangers, shackle links, and U bolt tieplate kits when you replace those old trailer springs.

 A good way to stop your trailer springs from rusting as quickly is to use toilet ring wax and allow it to warm in the sun and then smear this onto the trailer springs. This allows the water to roll off the wax and not get to the spring as easily. Your trailer springs will have some surface rust after time but should never have cracks, large amounts of rust, or leaf separation. In fact take a look at The Good Spring below!

The Good Trailer Spring
The Good Trailer Spring

Visit the trailer experts today because we help keep your trailer rolling.

10th Feb 2014 Champion Trailers

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