1.98 RELIABLE Oil Bath Cap with Aluminum Casing #250-031620

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  • 1.98 Reliable Oil Bath Cap   #250-031620
  • 1.98 Reliable Oil Bath Cap   #250-031620- Thread View
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1.98 Reliable Oil Bath Cap for 5 Lug Hubs #250-031620

Replacement Reliable cap for 5 lug oil filled hubs.  Now Reliable's cap is longer lasting with the new aluminum casing that surrounds the cap.  Exact replacement for the older style Reliable caps that were a clear throughout.  2.11" Outside Dimension threaded cap with o-ring.

Approved Lubrication for Reliable Oil Bath Hubs

Valvoline Gear Oil 80W-90

Exxon Gear Oil 80W – 90

Oil Bath Lubrication System – Aluminum Cap

With the Oil Bath Lubrication System using the aluminum cap, the oil is applied through a hole located in the side of the oil bath cap. This hole is found by removing the fitting from the side of the oil bath cap. The oil is filled through the hole until it reaches the half-way point on the sight glass in the oil bath cap. The oil level should be kept at the half-way point on the sight glass or slightly higher at all times.


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