Trailer Seal 21325 - 2.125 ID x 3.25 OD

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Trailer Wheel Seal 21325

The 21325 trailer wheel seal is one of the more uncommon size seals found on a older 6 lug trailer hubs such as those manufactured by EZ LOADER.   This trailer grease seal is made of the standard metal body with the double lip rubber seal with the body ranging in color from green to beige.

Seal Inside Diameter:  2.125"

Seal Outside Diameter: 3.25"

Typically used with inner bearings 25580

Transcom Number 21325

National Number N/A

NOK Number AD7131E


Trailer wheel seals are an integral part of a well operating trailer hub.  Trailer seals are installed in the back of the hub and seal to the section of the spindle that works to keep the wheel bearing grease or oil in a trailer hub, prevents water and dirt from entering the hubs which could cause bearing failure.  Therefore, it is extremely important to inspect your trailer seals regularly.  Grease or oil leaking past the seal seat or grease on the back of your trailer rim is a sign of a worn, torn, or old seal and must be fixed to prevent damage to the trailer hub or the trailer axle.


Double Lip Seal Diagram

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