Titan Dico Model 20 Hyd Surge Drum Brake Coupler

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Titan Dico Model 20 Hydraulic Drum Brake Coupler

The Titan Model 20 is intended for heavy or frequent-use applications, and for trailers pulled by trucks larger than standard
pickups. Typical uses include but are not limited to industrial equipment trailers, agricultural spreaders, tank trailers and
wagons, utility reel and pole trailers, and military ground support equipment.

20,000 LB Max. Gross Load (weight of the trailer fully loaded with all cargo and equipment). To find your trailer's Gross Load, use a commercial vehicle scale at a truck weigh station, grain elevator, etc.

2000 LB Max. Tongue Load (weight applied downward by the fully loaded trailer's coupler onto the tow vehicle's hitch). Your trailer's tongue load may be checked using a commercial scale. Make sure the tongue is in horizontal position and the jack is the only component on the scale. Upward tongue loads are not permissible.

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