Bunk Glide Ons
Assembly Instructions Part # 86162

Thank you for purchasing the Long Run Sell Centering Bunk Glide Ons. Please read and review the following instructions
before starting the assembly. With prop care, the Bunk Glide Ons win give you years of service.

Four 50" Bunk Glide 0n's and mounting screws are included in this package. The Glide Ons are to be used on 2x4 bunk board
lumber without any carpeting between the aide Ons and wood.

1. Remove any carpet or other covering materials from bunk boards. Remove any brackets, screws, slides or other
materials in order to have a clean work surface on top and both sides of the bunk boards.
2. Position the Bunk Glide Ons so that the two left and the two right hunks are facing inward and downward (see Hg. 1).
3. Starting at the rear of the toddler, slide one of the Bunk Glide Ons onto the 2x4 Iuntier with the open side to the middle
01 the bunk board. Push the Glide On section onto the lumber until it is drnost flush mth the end of the bunk board (see Hg 2).
4. Attach the first half of the bunk with the sell taping screws into the reinforced areas indicated on the sides of the
Glide Ons.
5. Slide the forward matching side Glide On up to the flush end of the secured Glide On.
6. Attach the second half with the self taping screws into the reinforced areas indicated on the sides of the Glide Ons. The
Bunk Glide Ons may extend over the front end of the bunk, that's OK (not over the rear).
7. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the oppodte side bunk.

Note: Due to the slippery nature of the Bunk Glide Ons, some boat & trailer combinations such as "float on" type trailers, it is
better to place the Gide Ons on the back half of the bunk boards and carpet on the front half of the bunk boards (see Fig. 3).
This allows a fast slippery launch while allowing some holding initially when the tension is released on the Winch line.