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6000# Replacement Spindle For Tie Down Dexter Marine Eliminator Torsion Axle

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  • 6000# 1 3/4  X 1 1/4"  Replacement Spindle For Tie Down Eliminator Torsion Axles
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The Quick Change 1-3/4" X 1-1/4" Spindle for the Eliminator® Torsion Axle is easily changed by removing the cotter pin and castle nut in the rear of the trailer axle torsion arm which secures the spindle into the torsion axle and removing the spindle from the torsion arm.  Once this is don, insert the new Quick Change Spindle for the Eliminator® Torsion Axle back into the trailer torsion suspension arm socket and re-secure with the castle nut and cotter pin.

 The Quick Change Spindle can be changed with a hub already in place on the torsion spindle, so you can carry a spare Quick Change Spindle with a trailer hub, pre-loaded and packed with grease, installed onto the torsion axle spindle.  Then you are prepared in advance for problems on the highway.

The Quick Change Spindle for the Eliminator® Torsion Axle also features the Super-Lube® lubrication system so that you can install a trailer hub onto the Eliminator® Torsion Axle, or the Quick Change Spindle without pre-greasing the bearings or pre-packing the hub.  Once the trailer hub is installed onto the torsion axle spindle, you can pack the hub using the grease fitting in the tip of the spindle.  The trailer hub is greased from back to front, completely filling the hub cavity with grease.  The Quick Change Spindle for the Eliminator® Torsion Axle comes with two special dust caps and rubber plugs which allow access to the grease fitting without removal of the dust cap.

Instructions for Replacing Eliminator Torsion Spindles

Capacity:  3,000# each.
Uses Inner bearing:  L25580 (1-3/4" Inside Diameter)
Uses Outer bearing:  L15123 or L14125A (1-1/16" Inside Diameter)
Seal:  22333  [2.25 ID  3.37 OD].
Spindle Stock:  2.31" round with replaceable Stainless Steel Sleeve for grease seal surface.

Dimension [A] 2.31"

Dimension [B] 9.97""

Dimension [C] 1.64"

Dimension [D] 4.34"

Dimension [E] 2.24"

Dimension [F] 1.75"

Dimension [G] 1.25"



1 - 3000# Quick Change Spindle for the Eliminator® Torsion Axle.
1 - 2.44 Super-lube ® dust cap with rubber plug.
1 - 1" Castle spindle nut.
1 - 1" Spindle D washer.
1 - 1" Tab lock or Tang washer.
1 - Castle nut and cotter pin for mounting Torsion Spindle into the torsion axle arm.
1 - Conical spring washer for mounting Torsion Spindle into the torsion axle arm.

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