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1-3/4” x 1-1/4" Trailer Hub – 6 Lug on 5.5” Galvanized Assembly

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Hot Dipped Galvanized Trailer Hub provides great protection in saltwater environments.

This 6 lug galvanized trailer idler hub fits on a 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" tapered trailer spindle and can be used on trailer axles with 4,800-6,000 pound capacities. Always double check your current trailer hub to match up the proper trailer bearings. 

Each 6 Lug Trailer Hub includes the inner and outer trailer bearings, double lip seal, and dust caps. All trailer hubs have the appropriate trailer race already installed for easier installation of your trailer hub. For added convenience we have included two different double lip seals to ensure that you have everything needed to replace your hub on your trailer spindle just make sure to test out which seal is the proper one.

Take a look at Champion Trailers Hub Packing and Pre-Loading Procedure for proper and safe trailer hub installation.


Trailer Hub Specifications:

Inner Trailer Bearing Number: L25580 (1-3/4” ID)

Outer Trailer Bearing Number: L15123 (1-1/4” ID)

Inner Trailer Race Number: L25520

Outer Trailer Race Number: L15245

Bolt Pattern: 6 lug on 5.5”

Hub Bore ID: 2.44”

Hub Height: 4.5”


Trailer Hub Kit Includes:

1-Galvanized 6 Lug Idler Hub

1- L25580 Trailer Bearing

1-L15123 Trailer Bearing

1-L25520 Trailer Race

1-L15245 Trailer Race

1-22333TB Double Lip Seal

1-2.44" Plain Metal Dust Cap

1-Black Iron Cotter Pin

1-Tang Washer

6- ½-20” Zinc Lug Nuts

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Replacement trailer parts for your boat or utility trailer.  We a variety of trailer parts such as axles, springs, hubs, lights, jacks, and more!  Don't forget our custom built galvanized boat trailer axles for an exact fit to your trailer.  

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