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Measure a Boat Trailer Axle
Disc VS Drum Brakes
Hub Drum Install Procedure
Pre-load Bearing

How To Measure a Boat Trailer Axle

There are a few measurements that you need to be aware of regarding boat trailers. To get the measurement it's easiest if you remove your tires and wheels. It's also helpful to have a friend hold one side of the tape measure but not absolutely necessary. To obtain the hub face measurement, first hook your tape measure to outside art of hub, that is the part of the hub that is facing the wheel. Measure across the axle to the exact same spot on the opposite side. Be careful not to measure to the inside of the hub, only the outside. This is the primary measurement that is needed. The rest of the measurements below are alternative measurements that can be used to arrive at this measurement... Read More

Disc VS Drum Brakes

For boat trailer application, hydraulic surge brakes are the most commonly used trailer braking system. Surge brake systems can be used with either drum or disc brakes. However the decision to use either drum or disc brakes can be complicated & is affected by certain parameters associated with the trailer itself. Hydraulic surge brakes function by converting the inertial difference in pressure between the tow vehicle & the trailer, experienced during braking, into a mechanical pressure that is applied to the push rod of the surge brake coupler. This inertial difference in pressure between the two vehicles is dependant upon the rate of deceleration of the tow vehicle during braking & the mass of the towed vehicle [ trailer ]… Read More

Hub or Hub Drum Packing And Installation Procedure

For Spindle Lube Axles: It is not necessary to pre-grease (pre-pack) your bearings and hub drums. With the SPINDLE-LUBE axle, the bearings can be installed dry because the SPINDLE– LUBE axle contains a built-in hub packing tool in each spindle. You can properly pack and grease your hub or hub drums after they have been installed on the axle… Read More

Pre-load Bearing

Whenever you install new hubs or new bearings and races into an old hub, you should pre-load the bearings. Pre-loading the bearings assures that the races in the hubs are 100% in place against their machined stop points and keeps the hub from wobbling after a few miles... Read More